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My name is Adrian and I am an old timer. The next time my birthday rolls around, I will be 71 years old. I still like to keep my mind active and learn new skills so I decided to ask my grandson about the internet and he taught me how to write this blog. This blog is about dealing with doctors. Over the years, I have had my fair share of appointments with the doctor and believe me, as I get older, they become more frequent as I have to manage various medical conditions. I hope you find my blog useful if you are unwell.


How Physiotherapy Can Propel Your Post-Op Journey to Recovery

31 January 2024
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Undergoing surgery, no matter how routine is a significant event that demands significant support during the recovery phase. One powerful ally in this journey is physiotherapy, a tailored approach to healing and restoring your body to health. Read on to explore the profound ways in which physiotherapy can turn the tide in your recovery, offering a beacon of hope and functional physical restoration. Managing Post-Operative Pain Pain is an unavoidable part of the post-surgery experience. Read More …

What You Need to Know About Industrial Occupational Medicine

27 June 2023
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Due to the nature of certain industries, workers can be exposed to risks like chemical exposure, machinery accidents and work-related stress. It is imperative that companies that deal with complex and risky worksites make provisions for the safety of their workers. That's where industrial occupational medicine comes in. What do you need to know about this sector? What Is Industrial Occupational Medicine? Industrial occupational medicine refers to the study, identification and prevention of workplace hazards that expose workers to illness, injury or disease. Read More …

Four Ways Home Care Packages Can Save You Money

10 January 2023
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Home care packages are a great way to save money on your health care costs.  If you're eligible for Medicare, you can receive free treatment from doctors and hospitals in Australia. However, there are some things that aren't covered by Medicare — like dental work and home care services. The good news is that there are ways around this! If you want to save money on these types of services, then consider getting a home care package instead of paying out-of-pocket for each visit. Read More …

4 Common Signs It’s Time To Schedule A Doctor’s Appointment For Your Back Pain

25 July 2022
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You likely have experienced back pain at some point in your life. Back pain can be distressful and comes in various forms, from mild aches that last a few hours to prolonged pains that endure for weeks. Often, doctors can recommend appropriate treatment plans depending on the intensity of your back pain. However, how do you know when to stop using pain-relieving solutions and visit a physician? Well, here are four tell-tale signs it's time to schedule an immediate appointment with a professional physician for long-term solutions to your back pain problems: Read More …

What is an ultrasound procedure?

7 March 2022
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Most people will be familiar with an ultrasound procedure, normally in the context of someone being pregnant and a scan being used as a way of checking the health of the baby whilst it is still in the womb. The ultrasound can however be used for a much wider range of diagnostic purposes and has numerous advantages over more invasive methods of trying to diagnose various health problems. What is an ultrasound? Read More …